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Thursday, October 15, 2009

IM Ing

Falafelover (10:18:26 AM): hi

Falafelover (10:18:28 AM): that u Lindsay?

Falafelover (10:18:55 AM): I remember I think this is u!

LLohan23 (10:18:59 AM): Who's this?

Falafelover (10:19:11 AM): oh don't toy

LLohan23 (10:19:19 AM): I don't know eho you are

Falafelover (10:19:20 AM): need s reminder?

LLohan23 (10:19:24 AM): maybe

Falafelover (10:19:25 AM): hahhah

Falafelover (10:19:30 AM): ur a wildcat

Falafelover (10:19:36 AM): reow!

LLohan23 (10:19:36 AM): oh, I remember. Hi Bill O'Reilly

Falafelover (10:19:39 AM): the one and only!

Falafelover (10:19:46 AM): hahah

LLohan23 (10:19:54 AM): whatsup

Falafelover (10:19:58 AM): why you not returning my calls to be on my show

LLohan23 (10:20:01 AM): because all you want to do is talk about my breasts

Falafelover (10:20:08 AM): that's not true

Falafelover (10:20:21 AM): Olbermann tell u that?

Falafelover (10:20:36 AM): he's such a dick

Falafelover (10:20:40 AM): guuuuuuuh

Falafelover (10:20:47 AM): worold class moran

LLohan23 (10:24:08 AM): haha

LLohan23 (10:24:09 AM): ya I'm busy

LLohan23 (10:24:27 AM): lotsa projects

LLohan23 (10:24:29 AM): u kno

Falafelover (10:25:17 AM): like what, snorting some lines of weed?

Falafelover (10:25:31 AM): hahahhaha

LLohan23 (10:28:57 AM): stop

LLohan23 (10:29:02 AM): u kno I'm on the wagon now

Falafelover (10:29:14 AM): so how can I convince u to be on my show

LLohan23 (10:29:59 AM): ok stop hitting on me

LLohan23 (10:30:18 AM): kinda gross

LLohan23 (10:30:35 AM): I mean I could be yr daughter

Falafelover (10:30:54 AM): hahhahahha ok I'll stop

LLohan23 (10:31:03 AM): but serialously im super busy

Falafelover (10:31:07 AM): oh please? I want to ask u about Barackl Obama's nobel prize

LLohan23 (10:33:05 AM): who

Falafelover (10:33:18 AM): the pres

Falafelover (10:33:21 AM): of the US

Falafelover (10:33:28 AM): of America

LLohan23 (10:33:32 AM): oh him- what'd he do

LLohan23 (1:46:49 PM): with the nobel???

Falafelover (1:46:59 PM): stole it out of the hands of an old lady who was on line to go see a death panel

LLohan23 (1:47:01 PM): oh man

Falafelover (1:47:15 PM): shameless

LLohan23 (1:47:21 PM): I'm still too busy to be on yr show

Falafelover (1:47:21 PM): what if I offer u some oxycontin

LLohan23 (1:47:29 PM): I'm in rehab

Falafelover (1:47:30 PM): no seriously Rush has a great connection

LLohan23 (1:47:30 PM): no thx

Falafelover (1:47:41 PM): aw

LLohan23 (1:47:46 PM): sorry I'll call u l8r tho maybe we can skype it in

Falafelover (1:47:47 PM): ok


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Hiyeee! Came through Sweden's blog (Bullocks Etc.) The poky thing made me laugh. I remember one time seeing a similar box of Japanese Candy cept' the name was 'Colon'. You can guess what it looked like...

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Tempy said...

Hi! You might also appreciate is site- the name is super offensive but well, you'll see:


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Very familiar with Engrish.com! Good stuff :)


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