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Monday, September 21, 2009

Climate Changing

The friend who went skydiving this weekend is from Alaska and the last time she was there, she took a picture of this area that was this huge ice glacier. Two years later, due to climate change, it was gone. She thought it was interesting and posted the two different pics. Then she went about her days, not really thinking anything of it until all these people commented on it who were really, really sad. I mean don't get me wrong- it is sad, but she didn't realize she would illicit such a response. Can you guess my favorite one below? We spent the better part of this weekend laughing at these. I know, we're cruel. And climate change is a really big deal. Anyway...

A while ago on my Facebook page I posted this: Awkward moments in Facebook "likes". It's pretty funny and reminds me a little bit of these responses.


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