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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Super Fun Wall

Hillary Clinton's Facebook Fun Wall!

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Scott McLellan wrote
at 11:45pm yesterday

Hey Hil, remember me? What's up?
I was wondering what you were doing
later. You know, after you stop running
and stuff. Want to grab a drink or
something? I'm kinda lonely too. Sorry,
TMI! Bush is kinda mad at me and I
thought you'd totes understand.

You look really hot these days, BTW.

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Barack Obama wrote
at 1:34pm on May 22, 2008

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You haven't walled me
back, yo! What's kickin??? Saw you on the news.
Cuuuuuute broach. CU in Puerto Rico!!!

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John McCain wrote
at 3:22pm on May 20, 2008

Hey Hil! I hope you got my donation
check. Hang in there! Bingo sometime
at my house!

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Condoleezza Rice wrote
at 10:22 am on May 19, 2008

Hi Hillary. Haven't spoken in a while.
I just thought you might be interested
in the latest news about Jodie Foster's
breakup. Check out this article:
So sad... Anyway. Just wanted to see
what's up. Let me know if you want to
go ice skating or something.

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Barack Obama wrote
at 2:32pm on May 16, 2008

Argh! The press is driving me nuts with
all these interviews! Rrrragh! OMG thought
you'd find this funny:
Ha ha! Talk to you later when I get off the
phone with Time Magazine. Saw your piece in
Good Housekeeping, BTW, congrats!

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