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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Compassion of the Forum Part Two

Backstage after the CNN "Compassion Forum"

Obama: I don't understand.

Clinton: It just can't work. We can't even agree on healthcare or wage increases.

Obama: Actually that's one of the many things we both believe in. I just have better rhetoric than you.

Clinton: Be that as it may it was... a mistake. I never should have...

Obama: Kissed me?

Clinton: Oh, Bar...

Obama: You could at least just say it. Huh. So that's the way it is. Seduced and abandoned. Like my father deserted my mother. Like the Bush administration strayed away from its core values and millions upon millions of impoverished people must struggle daily to make ends meet.

Clinton: Bar, stop it! It's just me here. Stop talking to me like you do your legions of fans!

Obama: Change.

Clinton: Bar, stop...

Obama: (leaning in) Hope.

Clinton: Bar, you are... irresistible... you know I'm weak around you.

Obama: It's just us, Hil.

Blitzer: (appearing out of nowhere, naked) I can count to three.

Clinton: Oh my god!

Obama: Jesus Christ man, put some clothes on! (pushes Wolf Blitzer out of the room and into the press room. Flashbulbs. Closes door)

Clinton: I think some people may be on to us.

Obama: Hil, for the first time ever, I think you're right.


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