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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Write Off

What with this writers strike and Broadway stagehand strike going on it's tough out there. You never hear of a banker strike or a lawyer strike. Always the artistic ones and teachers who have something to say. Not that I don't support the unions; I am in one. But I heard of this jackass story in the Post today. It makes both sides look horrendous- check it: so the stagehands say they'd let "The Grinch" on Broadway play, because it's a limited run and it's Christmas, dammnit. But the theater was like, seriously? Go fuck yourselves. So they held a press conference and had the little girl who plays Cindy Lou Who speak and she said, "I want to work. I like to hear clapping." Jesus Christ. She then burst into tears and her mom carried her off. Then she grew up to be spoiled and annoying.


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