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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Chat Stew

I spoke to three different customer reps at Time Warner Cable via online chat yesterday. It was great- I didn't have to hold at all and I got clear answers. I spoke to G√ľnther, Luis S. and David and they were all super helpful albeit clearly not from this country. Luis S. was the best. He had the manual down pat- every time I did something he told me to do he said, "Great!" Even when I said, "The cable box didn't reboot and the time is wrong" he went, "Great!", then, "I am so very sorry to hear that!"

Either way, the cable is mysteriously working this morning, but that's not stopping me from getting a new HDTV and cable box this week. It has to happen.

In other news, check out these pets who want to kill themselves.


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