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Monday, January 04, 2010

Perverts and Unicorns

Well this weekend was a tizzy of activity although I did catch a stomach virus from someone and ended up ill on New Year's Day, but it's ok, I managed to have some fun.

The more disturbing thing that happened this weekend was a message from my blogger friend Sweden who informed me that Japanese men were using an old blog post here to have detailed conversations in the comments section about where to meet hookers. I had no idea that happened. Turns out, to keep from getting caught while communicating about illegal activities, people choose random blogs with posts from years ago and send the link around so they can talk about trafficking women. It was disgusting. I deleted all of them and now if you want to post a comment past 14 days, I have to approve it.

I spoke to my friend who works with the CIA (allegedly) and says this happens everywhere, for many illegal activities. In fact the latest that terrorists do to communicate and not get caught is to open a regular Gmail or Yahoo account, and save messages to each other in the drafts folder but never send them, so they are untraceable. Brilliant, eh? Well now I'm out to get those Japanese pervs- don't mess with Tempy.

One awesome thing that happened this weekend is that I found yet another app that makes people into unicorn pictures, and it's called Younicorn. I turned Raymi into a Unicorn, you should check it out.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous lawyergirl said...

That's funny (the unicorn thing, not the pervs). This weekend I found the dance-version to the song "The Last Unicorn", which really should never have been made.


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