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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Joe

MrsLieberman2 (1:09:46 PM): hi

MrsLieberman2 (1:10:50 PM): hello Joe u there?

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:11:55 PM): that you, wife?

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:11:57 PM): where ru?

MrsLieberman2 (1:12:14 PM): I'm in the living room. Next door

MrsLieberman2 (1:12:16 PM): the door to yr office was locked

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:12:22 PM): oh yeah. I'm here! Hahhah we're just like Demi and Ashton, tweeting next door to each other

MrsLieberman2 (1:12:40 PM): ???

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:12:42 PM): those two tweet while in the house together hahha

MrsLieberman2 (1:12:48 PM): ok. Well I had to IM you yr door was locked

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:12:56 PM): baby u know I lock my door when I'm listening to Led Zeppelin

MrsLieberman2 (1:13:01 PM): I know

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:13:26 PM): it's my thing

MrsLieberman2 (1:13:49 PM): I know. Well I was just wondering what you'd like for lunch

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:13:54 PM): aw, hell yeah, ok, I want a roast turkey sandwich on whole wheat with cornichons and swiss, little bit of mayo. Mmmmmm

MrsLieberman2 (1:14:17 PM): ok

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:14:21 PM): cool. So ham then.

MrsLieberman2 (1:14:23 PM): what?

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:14:25 PM): for the sandwich. Ham on ciabatta.

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:14:33 PM): with mustard

MrsLieberman2 (1:14:34 PM): I thought you said turkey

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:14:39 PM): that was like, a minute ago. I changed my mind.

MrsLieberman2 (1:14:42 PM): ok so ham

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:14:51 PM): no, chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, on brioche with potato salad

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:01 PM): u sure

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:06 PM): yes

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:07 PM): chicken cutlet

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:11 PM): yes

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:13 PM): positive

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:17 PM): yes!

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:18 PM): k

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:23 PM): wait

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:31 PM): oh god

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:35 PM): maybe I want roast beef

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:40 PM): ok

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:42 PM): so do you?

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:47 PM): start making the chicken, we'll talk later

MrsLieberman2 (1:15:50 PM): no, seriously Joe, you always do this. First you want one kind of sandwich, then you're standing over me all, "I said soup", u did the same thing with healthcare, first no filibuster now you're all yes, and last week when I painted the living room green and halfway thru you were all, I want pink. WTF? You are the senatorial version as to what Kanye West is to award show speeches.

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:15:57 PM): dunno what that means

MrsLieberman2 (1:16:42 PM): it means, you are gonna let me finish this damn sandwich.

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:16:50 PM): I may want sushi.

MrsLieberman2 (1:17:32 PM): oh, that's it

Palin-Lieberman2012 (1:19:58 PM): what?

MrsLieberman2 is offline (1:20:04 PM)


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