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Thursday, November 05, 2009

More To Love

Oh. No.

This week's Tyra show is about a woman with two vaginas.


Here is my favorite part of the press release:

"Williams, who was diagnosed with two vaginas when she was 25-years-old, also believes she has 2 periods."

Ok, ok. Everyone settle down, I got this.

First of all, how can you not know all of your life that you've had two vaginas? Also, what makes you think you don't have 2 periods? Can she have kids? And if one boyfriend has sex with one vagina and another man has sex with the other, is that not cheating? Yes, that's where my mind goes.

I mean...


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous lawyergirl said...

Does she make different OBGYN appointments for each vagina, and if so, does her insurance company question the veracity of her multiple gyno claims?

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Sweden said...

i want picture, and not just like animated drawings like they use on TV, like an actual photo close up of her vaginas.
I googeled "women with two vaginas" for a few hours today and then switched to googeling "hermaphrodite photos" (funny enough lady gaga and jamie lee curtis came up a bunch of times on that one.........)

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Tempy said...

I googled that too but to no avail...

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Alex said...



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