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Friday, October 19, 2007


My friend was in Nicaragua filming a documentary about the inhumanity of current working conditions when hurricane Felix hit. He put his responsibilities aside to save the village he was in. In his own words:

"I gave orders to the US navy, which they followed, and put a Cuban doctor on a Blackhawk helicopter directing him to the areas that were hit the hardest. The president of the Miskito region was on our boat and I had to pull his head out of the sand, something he now credits and loves me for now…but it was tense for a second. We were the only ones who got to the most affected region for two days besides the US navy search and rescue teams. On our own we have raised 12K in funds to help and we have to keep working because there is a lot more to be accomplished. We have been taking charge in situations like that for the last week and we are pretty tired. I’ve been the field commander and everyone else has stepped into place gorgeously. It was, hands down, the most trying but beautiful week of my life.”

He is now a semi-finalist for the CNN Heroes award series.

What did I do this past week? I don't really remember but last night I trimmed my nails.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

Hey, I watched a documentary on underprivileged New York City public school students taking ballroom dancing lessons.


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