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Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Thirsty

Nothing says Monday like a glass that can hold a full bottle of wine. This makes the argument for BYOG to replace the dreaded BYOB.

But seriously, folks. Much like the 3 Man Wolf shirt, someone at Amazon has picked up on this, and people have started leaving some fake commentary:

"I am the third trimester of my pregnancy and I have put myself on bed rest. Any little convenience that helps with repetitive movement is a blessing, as staying in a relaxed state is critical to the well being of both mommy and baby. So having a large glass that negates the need for repetitive pouring of a wine bottle is one of those tiny little aids that helps add up to a state of relaxation. The only thing that could have improved this would have been the inclusion of a very long straw."

Please leave your own commentary right here in the comments section, if you like. Now if you'll excuse me, I have $12.99 plus shipping and handling to scrape up. I accept PayPal. Extra points if you buy this for me and by extra points I mean I will be eternally amused.


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