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Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

There's a great scene in that movie Doubt where Meryl Streep's character Sister Aloysius Beauvier says to Father Flynn, "I have no sympathy for you. I know you are invulnerable to true regret."

Man, that's exactly how I feel about the UPS guy right now. He's a grade A douchebag who hates his job and therefore decides not to do it. On an off day, he will "just decide" not to drop off a package, and give some stupid reason when you try to track it. There were already 2 complaints lodged against him last week, and once I had to run to the truck to physically remove my boss's bar mitzvah save the date cards from his cold evil grip because he said it was "undeliverable" because there was a scratch on the side. Yeah, I got the cards, and the date was saved.

Today I'm expecting a package- it's a dress I bought for myself because I'm all fancy sometimes. He again said he had to reschedule the delivery date (last I checked it wasn't up to the UPS guy's convenience). I called and they are sending him back with my goddamn dress. Because really, we actually tip him on the holidays, and that's above and beyond. The least he could do is his job.

I love that quote though - really smart and definitely applicable to just a few people I've had the misfortune of knowing. One of them still totally google stalks me and I just got an email he is "following me on Twitter", then un-followed me because he probably clicked the "follow" button in a drunken stupor because he secretly beats off to me because I'm the only person I know of who refused to have sex with him.

So besides the UPS guy and my stinky stalker, who else is on that list? I guess my dad, but I don't hate him, really. I've come to a place where I can accept who he is. He's still nuts, but hey, we're all family, right? Some people are bigger nuts than others. He's somewhere along the lines of a lychee whereas I'm more of a pine. Now I'm hungry.

Where's my damn package?


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