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Monday, October 05, 2009

Be-Friend, De-Friend

I ended up having a very curious conversation with a gentleman in his 50's at this party last week. I didn't know him at all until that night, but he is friends with a co-worker. And it was right there, after 2 glasses of champagne, he spilled his guts about these friends who are fighting, and there was an affair, and lies, and it all came down over FACEBOOK.

I mean, what?

It just goes to show you that everyone and I mean everyone has a little bit of the crazy bitchy 13 year old girl in them.

Here's what I do- I love Facebook for networking, especially as an actor. I've gotten a lot of great connections and in some cases, auditions. Plus I love the games, and my witty friends always leave fun comments.

Then there are those people who use it for evil, not good. I have a few friends who post stupid or even mean stuff but it turns out you can turn people off your live feed and they'll never know. It's like defriending but without all the drama. I mean, I tune myself out all the time when someone annoys the f@#k out of me. I'm actually one of the most tolerant people you'll ever meet- 8 years of bartending and no major casualties and you won't BELIEVE how much headwrecking I'd have to deal with.

But I guess it was interesting to see that no matter what age, sex or economic status you have, everybody is on the goddamn Facebook.


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