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Monday, October 05, 2009

Nobody Puts Tempy In A Corner

I don't know when the last time you saw Dirty Dancing was but I have a story to tell you.

This Saturday the men were at a poker night so my friend (who happens to live upstairs) and I decided to hold a little ladies night in our building. So her, myself and another lady met up for a Dirty Dancing/Pump Up The Volume double feature.

Now, I don't know the last time you all saw this movie, but let's just say it's been a while since I've enjoyed this masterpiece and this might be the first time I've watched it with with a bunch of girls and some booze. I'm not counting the time my mother rented it for my 12th birthday sleepover which in hindsight is maybe a little inappropriate but now we know why I'm such a nympho. Anyway, let me just say I noticed some things for the first time.

1. Jennifer Grey's Baby is perhaps one of my favorite film heroines of all time
2. The whole "I'll learn the Mambo so you can get an abortion" plotline is highly implausible
3. Patrick Swayze wears matador style high heels the ENTIRE FILM
4. No, seriously, learning the mambo so she can get an abortion?
5. This movie is HOT

It got so steamy there were a few minutes where you could barely even hear a pin drop until my friend broke the silence, "I think my face is flushed" to which someone (maybe me) said, "Why the hell did we send the men away?"

If you get a chance, watch it again. Preferably in the company of a romantic partner. We had to watch Zoolander to cool off. You carry that watermelon, Baby. RIP Patrick Swayze, seriously, great film.


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