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Monday, October 08, 2007

Bumps and Bruises

"Hey Tempy, how was ice skating with your boss's kids?"

Glad you asked! The day was great save for the fact that the 10 year old stole my ice skates, the 6 year old held my hand and fell a lot, I made an ass of myself when I was hailing a cab as the kids looked on in horror because the doorman was already doing it for us, I dropped the "F" bomb, spent $10 on fifty cent mechanical horsey rides, watched in horror as the 6 year old pointed at a retarded man and said, "It looks like he doesn't know much", ended up with 7 recorded songs on my phone about Tarzan and Jane and was dragged into the bedroom of the 10 year old to watch two youtube clips of said Tarzan and Jane song- one in the original, and one re-done by the cast of Lazytown. It was fun but I'm a bit beat. Oh, and the 6 year old informed me that she's "rich" and her mom has "at least $1,000 dollars".


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