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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Again With The Falafel!

If you haven't read this yet, Bill O'Reilly is in trouble for his remarks about a restaurant in Harlem saying that he couldn't believe how respectful the black people were. He was amazed that no one stood up and said, "Hey motherfucker, I want some more iced tea!"

This isn't the first time O'Reilly has said something ignorant about other cultures. Let's look at some past quotes, shall we?

On Jews:
"It was weird. This guy was just like me, but with a bigger nose. He didn't even try to circumcise me or anything. I was surprised he didn't pick the penny up that I threw on the ground!"

On Latinos:
"So I walk into this apartment and it was really tastefully decorated. And get this, there were only 3 people living there in a three bedroom apartment. Unbelievable!"

On Women:
"My assistant, Judy, is just like the boys at the club! She comes to work on time, she gets things done; she never tries to leave because her 'period hurts' or 'there's cookies in the oven'. It's really refreshing."

On Arabs:
"So, I'm in the taxicab and at first I'm a little worried because this guys got some crazy long name that I can hardly pronounce but get this- he speaks English. Perfectly. So of course I assume he's a doctor in India, because, you know, most of those guys are. Turns out he's an actor. An actor! Amazing! It's rare to find an Arab that really cares more about the arts than strapping a bomb to his chest."


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